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Fresh flowers are lovely, but they’re not necessarily for everyone. When it comes to the wedding bouquet, these days there are lots of other options for those who can’t find what they want in season, are limited by budget or by their allergies. I’ve been trawling through Etsy to find some great examples which I hope you’ll find inspiring. Click on the pictures to be taken directly to the creators’ shops :

edible bouquet, alternative wedding, lollipop

Lollipop bouquet by EdibleWeddings on Etsy

A bouquet you can eat! Looks bright and colourful, and serves as an emergency snack if it’s a long time until the reception dinner.

wedding fan alternative bride

Fan by ModernCrochetClub on Etsy

This lovely lace fan looks pretty and will keep you cool if your wedding falls on a particularly hot and sticky day.

paper flowers, wedding bouquet, alternative wedding

Paper bouquet by mkallasides on Etsy

Paper flowers are gorgeous, lightweight and keep forever. I love the the bold colours and variety of flower shapes in this one.

button bouquet, felt bouquet, alternative wedding

Bridal Button and Felt Pomander by MissJenniferRae on Etsy.

This button pomander looks so bright and colourful. It would also double as a gorgeous hanging decoration for your home once the wedding day is over.

rustic wedding, pinecone bouquet, alternative bride, alternative wedding

Rustic pinecone bouquet by MomoRadRose on Etsy.

This gorgeous rustic collection of pinecones and seedheads would be great for an autumn/winter wedding when your favourite flowers aren’t blooming.

kanzashi, wedding bouquet, alternative wedding

Kanzashi bouquet by TheaStarr on Etsy.

kusudama flowers, origami bouquet, alternative bride

Kusudama flower bouquet by MadameBsBoutique on Etsy.


A couple of examples in fabric for you here (including one of mine!). Hardwearing, available in various colours and textures, and will keep forever without watering.


If you have more ideas of your own, please share them below or on Twitter or Facebook.

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